How to Take Over Your Very Own Village By The Sea – And Run It Like A Fiefdom

Taking Over A Village By The Sea


Running It Like A Fiefdom.


That Puts you in an UNFAIR POSITION

To succeed.

Using the following strategy outlined in this post, I was able to completely take over my Village by the Sea in a matter of WEEKS

The results?

– I never wait in line at the front of the club. Velvet rope treatment every time.

– I am able to get drinks quickly, easily, and cheaply with extremely little effort – making eye contact with the bartender (they’re always looking for me), and holding up 2 fingers (they already know my drink). I can also easily usher others into the “on-lock” club with a quick introduction and a handshake

– Massive social proof

– Im in an UNFAIR POSITION where my game improves faster than anybody else in the ENTIRE VILLAGE BY THE SEA

– Pay a FRACTION of full price on bottles and a much lower minimum spend at tables

– Treated like royalty and perceived to be royalty by everyone in my presence

– People who I know understand my setup and are eager to bring offerings – aka girls, money, table contributions, and other goodies – in order to get in on the action

This is how you live like a KING

And what’s great about this is you have the appearance of getting incredible results with almost ZERO effort allowing you to remain relatively low profile and create an air of mystery.

People think to themselves – “who is this guy?”

Every girl in the room is looking at you

Every guy in the room wants to be you

Life is good for the Apex Man running his Village By The Sea like a Fiefdom

Sounds like a lot – but lucky for you – myself along with several others have paved the way for you.

We’ve worked out the kinks and can show you in this in depth article what the MOST IMPORTANT factors are in taking over your very own Village By The Sea and Running It Like A Fiefdom.

Allowing you to get more enjoyment, more social proof, more girls, more new connections, and an elite nightlife experience.

For a fraction off the effort and money, with less mistakes and headache than ever before.

That being said.

You gotta put in the work up front.

It DOES take hard work.

And you have to be consistent in going out.


But this is an investment with unbelievably massive ROI that can literally save you 10’s of thousands of dollars over the course of your nightlife “lifetime”.

If you are aggressive, have the right attitude, are generous, and focus on taking the right actions

You will have a ridiculously UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

That puts you in a ridiculously UNFAIR POSITION to get whatever you want out of every single venue in your Village By The Sea.

Let’s get started.

The Purpose of this article is to show you how to take over your very own village by the sea in the easiest, fastest, cheapest, most effective, and most enjoyable way possible, and in as few “moves” as possible. The key here is simplicity. Most of what people do is a waste of time. Find out the very few, very important actions that have the largest impact, and hammer those.

Whenever you are deciding on a course of action, you want POTENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.

Ask yourself – how can I get what I want in a way that is easier, faster, cheaper, more fun and more effective than any other option – AND – gets a result that is far better than any other option?

Less is more. We want extremely low effort/extremely high reward actions.

I can already hear people calling me out for being lazy and looking for quick shortcuts to success.

Not the case.

What we want here is HIGH ROI ACTIONS.

If I focus on doing the right things and taking the right actions that have the highest ROI – it’s not inconceivable to imagine a situation where I get the same results that you get when putting in 100% effort, but I only put in 20%. You are wasting your effort on things that don’t matter. I’m focusing on the things that make a difference. High ROI.

Laid out more simply:

You put in 100 units of effort, you get 100 units of output.
I put in 20 units of effort, I get 100 units of output.

In this scenario, if we are both operating at 100% effort, I produce 5X the result that you do. If I put in 40% effort, I am still doubling your result without even reaching my 50% threshold.

This is a game changer for your game and in a nightlife scene. People notice when you get ridiculous results without even trying. You simply look like a badass. Every girl wants you, every guy wants to be you.

You are producing double the results of everyone else, and you’re running at a 4 out of 10 on the effort scale.

If you look at the guys who are really running things in the bar and club scenes, they usually don’t seem to be trying very hard.

They’re at ease

That’s because they’ve figured out what works and focus their efforts only on high ROI actions.

The hard work is putting yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION and finding your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Once that happens, you can blow everyone out of the water without even trying.


  • Easy access in every venue
    • Skip the line and watch your guy at the door lift the Velvet Rope – bypassing the masses – and standing out as a man of extremely high value and status as everyone in line watches you effortlessly roll past the line, say what’s up to the door guy, and enter the most packed venue in town without a care in the world.
    •  Skip the sea of drunken people at the bar to get drinks quickly and on the cheap
    • Discounted bottle and table prices – bottles are cheaper, and you have a lower minimum spend at your table than the average Joe.
  •  Generate social proof and demonstrate extremely high value with extremely low effort
    • This puts you in a position of effortlessness – sprezzatura – which can easily 10X your game.
    •  Every girl wants you, every guy wants to be you (hard to be in a better position than that)
  •   Position yourself so that your game and social skills skyrocket (it’s great to have a village by the sea locked down like I do, but when I take over another village by the sea, or am in unfamiliar territory, I want my game to be razor sharp and cut through the toughest competition – can’t do that by being complacent and sitting back. Think of celebrities who get tons of girls bc they are positioned well but have no game. Sure, in certain situations they get all the girls in the room, but if a celeb of equal or higher social status shows up on the scene, they are toast. Need to be constantly improving. The goal is to put ourselves in a situation where it is both easy and fun to improve at a higher rate than anyone else around you.)

The idea is to lock down all the bars that matter in as few moves as possible, with as little effort as possible

How do we do this?

Focus on the few things that matter:

1) Making friends with the right people

  • Door guy
  • bartenders
  • hostesses
  • Managers
  • Bottle service girl

2) Friendly attitude and outgoing personality

  • Talk to every one

3) Put yourself in a position where your game skyrockets

  • Vortex Zones

Making it Happen:

Before we go into actually making this happen, you need to know that in order to get results like I did – locking down the 5 most popular locations in a Village By The Sea in about 3 weeks – you need to hit things pretty hard.

When I first started locking things down,

I went out 5-6 nights a week, for about 3 months straight.

This may sound daunting, but it will 20X your game and social skills in a very short amount of time.

It’s important to maintain a solid diet so you have the energy to maintain this lifestyle (oysters, rare steak and broccoli for me), work out heavy 5 times a week (I did squats every time I hit the gym), and keep focused.

A major part of my own success was keeping an Evernote Notebook with field reports in it.

The reason field reports work so well is that you go over your night the day after going out.

This allows you to go over your mistakes, find keys to victory, and find some serious ways to improve your game and social skills.

It’s like playing a chess match and reviewing it after. Things always make more sense after a second rundown.

Meditation is also a great way to keep your mind clear during this time.

Goals – Easy Access, Generate Massive Social Proof, Put yourself in a POSITION where your game skyrockets

Goal 1 – Easy Access

To get EASY ACCESS, you need to focus on the right people.


These guys can make or break your night life experience.

Ever waited 10 minutes for a drink in a crowded bar?

I have.

Ever walked into a bar and had your favorite drink waiting for you on the bar before you even shake the bartenders hand?

I have.

When you reach a certain rapport with bartenders, they see you walk in the door and they are on their shit.

How do you make this happen?

First, you have to make friends with them.

The #1 thing I do whenever I meet a bartender is ask their name.

“Hey I’ll have a vodka soda lime. What’s your name? I’m IPB MEDIA.”

Nobody does this.

There are 2 benefits here. One, you make yourself stand out as assertive and friendly. Bartenders deal with so many assholes its amazing what something as simple as calling them by their name can do, as opposed to waving cash around in the air or screaming “HEY! HEY! HEY!”

Two, you have their name now and they know yours. There is a connection there. Once you exchange names with someone, there is a higher level of respect present.

After making friends with them, you need to be consistent in seeing them.

I told you above that I went out 5-6 nights a week over the space of several months.

Here’s how I did it:

Monday – go out to a bar you want to lock down. Walk up, order a drink, and ask the bartender for their name. Say “Hi Alex, I’m IPB MEDIA. Good to meet you man.” Always say thank you.

Monday is a day that’s early in the week, and depending on where you live, it’s more likely to be a little slower at that particular venue.

Use this opportunity to talk with them.

How’d your weekend go?

What have you been up to?

Talk some shit.

Tease them a bit.

Talk about the wild adventures you’ve been having.

Bartenders love to have fun and party.

Let them know that you are “cool” through the CONTENT of your conversations.

“Yeah man last week was awesome. You swoop? Bar XYZ was nuts dude babes everywhere, me and my boys crushed it.”

Something like this will get them talking about their wild times as well.

This builds a connection and lets them know that you’re cool.

Tuesday-Wednesday – Same shit.

Go around to the bars you wanna lock down

Talk some shit with the bartenders and have a good time.

These slow days of the week are CRUCIAL for building a connection.

Another trick is to tip HEAVY.

On slow nights, you don’t have to go crazy and get wasted.

Your bar tab is much more likely to be $10 or under.

Do yourself a favor and tip them 100%.

It’s a very HIGH ROI investment when most people are tipping $1 on a $20 tab.

Stand out.

ALWAYS say Thank You, shake their hand.

Do this every day during the slow days and watch your influence grow like wildfire.

At the bars I have on lock, I know EVERY bartender.

I walk in the door, and no matter which particular bartender is serving me that night, every single bartender walks over, says what up, talks some shit, and shakes my hand.

Massive social proof.

This pays off BIG TIME when it comes to the busier days like Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


These are the big nights (and days if you are day drinking).

And this is where your hard work pays off.

You’ve seen these bartenders every day for the past 3-4 days.

They know your face.

They know you’re cool.

And you’ve been VERY generous with them.

Time to reap the benefits.

Thursday-Sunday – It’s no longer a slow day.

Bar is packed.

Babes everywhere.

You walk in the door, glide past all of those beaut girls and thirsty dudes, walk straight up to the bar, and every bartender in the place walks up to give you a handshake and say what’s up.

You get your drink right away.

Everyone in the building is saying “Who IS that guy?”

Massive social proof.

A great move that I learned from Goldmund and Christian McQueen on A Man In Demand Radio:

It’s 4 people deep at the bar. Nobody can get through.

You see a beautiful girl waiting in line, frustrated, but being sweet and patient like she was taught to be.

But she’s not assertive and she is definitely not getting a drink anytime soon.

Me:”Why are you waiting for drinks?”

Beaut Girl: What do you mean?? It’s so busy right now!!

Me: Come with me.

Walk up to the bar, make eye contact with your guy/girl at the bar, and tell them what you want.

If this girl doesn’t think you’re the shit, you probably need to work on your body language and eye contact. Be more confident.

First impressions matter.

And you’ve just shown this girl that you run shit at this joint.

And that’s how you lock down bartenders.

Door Guys

Same deal as bartenders but with a different twist to it.

They aren’t getting you drinks, they’re giving you access.

Walk past the line, have a $10 or $20 in your palm and shake their hand.

They know what’s up.

Most of the time they’ll let you in.

Tip according to how high end the venue is.

Take the guys name, and give him yours.

After a while, you’ll get access without greasing him.

Once a week, or once every two weeks, go into the club, do your thing


slip him a 20 and say thank you.

As you continue to frequent the venue, these guys will have your back if there are any altercations with soyboys, trailhogs, and douchebags.

You have credibility and you treat them very well.


Same deal.

Managers obviously be working and glad handing patrons at the bar.

If you can’t figure out who the manager is, ask your man at the bar to point him out.

It’s as simple as walking up, introducing yourself, and saying that you have a great time at his bar and that you come hang out here all the time.

Always say hello, always say thank you.

As you continue coming around, you’ll reap massive benefits like free shots for your crew, even free bottles.

Bottle Service Girls

Same thing.

Tip them every once and a while.

They obviously have to sell tables, simply ask them to work with you on the price.

A few weeks ago I was at a club and talking to the bottle service girl, and she wanted $500 minimum spend.

I said look, I know you gotta sell the table, so if you wanna sell it to someone else that’s fine.

I’ll get 3 bottles for a $300 table spend. Let me know if it works for you.

Sometimes they bite, sometimes they don’t, depending on how busy it is.

But once you get those prices, you’re pretty much locked in.

Goal 2: Generate Massive Social Proof

A lot of what I mentioned above about making friends with the right people will do the job of generating social proof

But you can’t rely on only the staff to generate that social proof for you.

You need to talk to EVERYBODY.

Before I even walk in the first bar for the night, I am walking down the street talking with everyone.

“Hey man what’s goin on”

“Hey how’s it looking over at those bars? Crowded?”

“Hey where’s the party at tonight?”

“You girls look like trouble”

“You girls behaving yourself tonight?”

Warm up those social muscles.

Talk to everybody.


Powerful and Confident Body language.

“I am the prize” Mindset.

Once you get to the bars, continue the trend.

Talk to everyone.

Say hello to tables as you pass by.

When you are ordering a drink, say hello to the couple next to you.

Ask how their night is going.

Ask where they are from.

Goof around and have fun with it.

And be aware that there will ALWAYS be douchebags out looking for a fight.

Go out with the intention of making friends, not enemies.

I can’t tell you how many stressful situations on the brink of a fight breaking out that I have personally diffused.

It’s a massive skill and it will almost always end with you making a new friend who respects you for being cool and stepping in to improve the situation.

Put Yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION to skyrocket your game skills

This is a tip that can easily 20X your game over a very short period of time.

The idea here is to POSITION yourself so that your game grows massively.

You do this by putting yourself in “Vortex Zones”.

Something I learned from – a guide to life that is truly decades ahead of its time. Read it.

The whole premise behind Vortex Zones is to place yourself in high traffic areas of the bar.

– By the entrance
– By stairwells
– On the corners of bars – whether it is L shaped or a square bar – find the corners and post up. Maximum visibility and people tend to gravitate towards them.
– By the bathrooms.

Don’t believe me? Try it next time you go out.

All of these are very high traffic areas of the bar or club, and will always have a rivers of beaut girls flowing through them.

By being in a high traffic area of the bar, you have an almost endless supply of beautiful women walking right in front of you, giving you the opportunity to open them.

I wont get into specific tactics for gaming them, but place yourself in these areas and you have put yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION to improve your game at breakneck speed.

Final Words

That’s it gentlemen.

Make friends with the staff.

Visit your on-lock venues very frequently at the beginning.

Talk to everyone and be a POSITIVE influence wherever you go.

Have fun.

You bring the party.

You are the prize.

Put yourself in high traffic areas and massively improve your game in a short amount of time.

Paying Homage

I make my own achievements and broadcast my message while standing on the shoulders of giants who have come before me.

This article has been HEAVILY inspired by:

G manifesto – article on vortex zones.
Real christian McQueen – on lock articles AND A Man In Demand Radio

You can find links to their content on the side bar on this page.