This isn’t really a blog.

It’s more of a destination.

Somewhere you can come to as a reference whenever you are stuck trying to use or find your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE or put yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION to succeed.

Treat IPB Media like a “living text”.

This is an idea that I got from Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male, one of my favorite books that has had a massive impact on my life.

The idea behind a “living text” is that it’s not a “read-it-once-and-forget-about-it” type of blog/website/book.

It’s something that you keep coming back to many times in your life to help you navigate an UNFAIR world, create your own UNFAIR advantage, and use it to put yourself in an UNFAIR position to succeed.

I believe this applies to the Universal Laws of UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and UNFAIR POSITION

Show me an Apex Man, and I’ll show you a man who unapologetically wields an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE from an UNFAIR POSITION.

I have yet to see this be disproven. And I doubt I will.

Part of the beauty of creating your own UNFAIR advantage and UNFAIR position, is that these laws of nature operate based on Principles.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What this means is that when you operate based on Principles, you can simplify the way you approach things, and give yourself more flexibility to choose your actions based on which specific path will make the situation most UNFAIR in your favor.

What’s the right method? Whichever one gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and puts you in an UNFAIR POSITION to succeed.

The basketball player

The Head of State

The Personal Trainer

The Internet Marketer

The General

The Police Officer

The Navy SEAL

The International Playboy

The Hedge Fund Manager

All of these people have different goals, different motivations, and vastly different methods that they use to conquer their goals.

But if you look at the top of ANY of these fields and the Apex Men that are most successful,


They choose their methods based on whichever one will give them an UA from an UP.

This is the one principle/law of nature that all top performers follow. UA/UP.

Show me an Apex Man, and I’ll show you a man who unapologetically wields an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE from an UNFAIR POSITION.

I have yet to find any example that can disprove this statement.

It’s a law of nature.

And operating by UNFAIR Principles is the way that you choose your methods.

Michael Jordan

Donald Trump

Jordan Belfort

Alexander The Great

Julius Caesar

George Soros (Hedge fund manager – made over a billion dollars in a single day by “breaking” the Bank of England. Real badass. Don’t agree with his political views, but we aren’t here to talk politics.)

Jeff Bezos

Bill Gates (most people don’t know this, but BG is a total savage. He used to take meetings with “competitors”, with the “intention”of buying them out. He would take a look at their tech, say to himself “Well shit, we can do this no problem.” and more or less steal their ideas and use them as his own. Not saying I agree with it, or that it’s ethical. It is what it is. UNFAIR.)

All of these Apex Men wield an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE from an UNFAIR POSITION.

They all got to the top by finding an edge that allows them to dominate.

Whether they consciously know it or not, they all operate by UNFAIR Principles.

How Can You Use This Site To Be UNFAIR?

How can you use this website as a resource, a guide, and a set of guiding Principles to create an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and put yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION to succeed?

First, go through the IPB MEDIA twitter account. There’s lots of gold in there, from questions you can ask yourself, to real actionable advice teaching you precisely how you can cultivate an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Also a lot of really great guys on twitter that can show you how to develop an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in several different arrea

Second, check out the UNFAIR Principles page on this site. You can find the link HERE.

Third, read through the blog posts. As I mentioned earlier, I have designed this site to be a “living text”, and a guide so that you can continue to come back and apply the principles, lessons, and stories on IPB Media to current challenges and situations in your life.

The blog WILL have some excellent content, but blog posts are more like musings and commentary as supposed to actual “how to” case studies and mini-courses.

You can get a TON of value from this blog, and I encourage you to read every post, and every page on the site.